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Thursday, 5 January 2012


I think a problem I have is that I worry too much. I always have. My mum says that I was born a worrier. That I used to frown a lot as a baby. My own baby does the same. I worry that she too will be a worrier.
I could worry for England. About anything.  Seriously anything. Even things which really are nothing to do with me whatsoever.
I worry myself silly if I don’t put the bins out the night before a collection to the point that I have to get up at 3am and put them all out in my PJs.
I can worry about things that effect other people and have no bearing on me, like a professional. This I think contributes to the bump theory.
 People like this attitude. If I worry about their problems then it means they have to worry about them all that little bit less.  A problem shared is a problem halved and all that. The thing is I have enough of my own things to worry about and I don’t need your worries as well. Especially if I can’t fix it.
Take my younger brother. I’ve spent my life worrying about him and his life. He spends no time worrying about that or anything else at all.
I worry about something that he has done/received in the post/ told me has happened/ is likely to happen/ may never ever happen in this universe or any other.
 I tell him what to do so that he can fix it/prevent it from happening/apologise/instigate damage limitation/go into hiding.
He does nothing. Does nothing whatsoever to fix it. I worry none stop. Slightly harass him  with phone calls to see if the advised action has been carried out. It never has.
 I do it for him. Every time. Without fail.
He knows he doesn’t need to worry about anything in his life as I’m already curled up in a ball in the corner praying for his soul. Ridiculous.
So when I have a slight knockback I take it badly. I know I do this. I just can’t stop. I’ve tried, believe me. I ve tried to block it out. Ive walked away when people start to talk about themselves and their problems. Ive stopped asking people if they are ok or whats wrong.
Then I got some “worry people”.
 They don’t work.
I did kind of believe they would. I don’t know why. They are just a bag full of very small people (6 women and 1 man – named Bob) –  why would they actually solve the problems of my life. But it was certainly worth a punt.
Essentially they are based on the “a problem shared..” theory....but for those of us who either don’t like talking to actually people about their problems or have no friends. I hope im the former. I really do. But I worry that maybe I’m the latter. Who knows. 
Anyway you are supposed to tell the wory people your troubles and then put them under your pillow. in the night they take your troubles away and you can breath a worry free sigh of relief in the morning.
This made me worry about several things;
a) will i crush the poor wee worry people with my larger than average head?
b) will i freak out of i wake up and they are running around my bed?
c)will someone overhear me off loading my concerns and think i have actually fallen into the abyss of insanity once and for all? 
AS you can see they created a lot more things i needed to worry about. For that reason Ive decided not to use them. At least for now.  

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  1. Who told you that your head was larger than average?! Or have you just spent your life assuming and worrying that it is?! x