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Thursday, 5 January 2012

The beginning...
These are my thoughts. A random collection of thoughts. They usually cover things which happen in my everyday life. That can of course be national events, things which make international news, things which make the local rag. It can equally be as mundane as things which happen to me in the supermarket...or on the car journey there.
Largely I’m writing these things down for my own sanity. Its been highly therapeutic. The reason I’ve needed an outlet is because there was a major change in my life. I had  baby. There really is no bigger change.
Whilst this has undoubtedly been the happiest chapter in my life so far, it has taken some adjusting.
Before the baby I worked none stop. My career was my life. I lived to work. That was all. Children had never been a factor in my life. They were not something I could see on my horizon.
I imagined that I would carry on working. Try to make partner. Muse about the short comings of the world and generally carry on as I had been for the preceding years.
Fate had another plan for me. Fate decided I was due a change.
This change has affected everything. From my financial situation to my ability to handle my ‘rage’. It also altered my ability to express myself. I realise now that this was because when I was at work I could always hide any issues I had behind those of my clients.
This isn’t about work however. It’s about what happens when you shift from being a professional woman to a mother. Its about the changes you don’t think are there but they happen anyway. Its also about my thoughts. As I have explained this is my therapy, its my release. This is all the things that I want to say out loud but cant.
I hope its funny. I hope its informative. It is only my opinion. This comes largely from my observations of life. I do not intend to be judgemental. I do not have a particular political or religious persuasion. I do not favour one ethnic group over another. I try to take all  people as I find them and assess them all by the same criteria. I hope not to come across as prejudice in anyway. If you think that I do then I apologise it is not my intention. These are just my thoughts.
I’ve found it easier to touch on things that have happened to me. In particular things which have annoyed or impressed me. This means that I have had to change the names and details of the people involved. I hope that they are not identifiable. It is not my intention to ‘name and shame’ nor is it my intention to heap praise onto anyone.
Of course it will undoubtedly be the case that I will mention those closest to me, my family and friends. I love them all dearly and mean all that I say about them in the nicest way.  They really are the best people I could ever hope to know. That is why they are part of my life.
I will at times also touch on work. It was such a large part of my life. It was my life for the past 6 years. It is all I really have for reference. I can’t avoid the topic entirely. Its not however what I hope to focus on. Some parts do feature it heavily. Others not at all. That's fine by me. You can always of course skip those bits if you want!
I'm not going to discuss specific cases in any detail. I'm not going to mention any of my clients. Any reference to work will be in a generalised sense. This is not about work.
Finally I want to make it clear that no one else knows that I am writing this stuff down. They haven’t had any direct input. All of these views are essentially my own. Of course I have listened to their views in various topics before formulating my own opinion.
This however is all mine. My conscious stream of thought. Welcome to my mind!

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