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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Just why????

Why oh why
Why do some things have to happen. Not generally. Not in life. Just really annoying things. Things that are really sent to test your patience to the limit. Normally this comes from the actions of a fellow member of the human race. It appears that some people have been sent with the sole role of annoying the hell out of other people.
I accept that some of my lack of patience may be down to hormones. Some, not all. Some is down to the idiots who appear to languidly roam around (usually at a very slow pace in front of me) ruining my day.
A case in point is a man I encountered at the supermarket. You know how it is when you just want to breeze in, grab what you want supermarket sweep style and then pay and leave. No complications. No delays. No people aimlessly milling about in front of the items you wish to purchase...
On this occasion the worst of these such incidents occurred in the wine aisle (don’t judge me I was just looking...honest) least I was trying to look. I was stood, mid way between the two sets of shelves facing the white wine selection. I like to do this so that I can look at a large amount of the wine at once thus making an informed choice of how to spend my £3.99.
I may have been taking my time but that did not excuse the mans behaviour. It just wasn’t in line with supermarket etiquette.
In short, he stood smack bang in front of me. Between me and the wine. He blocked out the whole viewing zone. Prick. I tutted. Loudly. He didn’t move.
Feeling I had no option, I moved along to my right two side steps. He did the same. I moved again. He did too.
By this point I was seriously in the “move away or strike out in anger” phase of impatience/uncontrollable rage.
In order to avoid a later arrest for assault, I moved to the other end of the aisle and observed the “gent “ in action. Guess what he did? He left the wine aisle. Without any wine. Prick.
What in earth was he doing? Why stand and block my view of the vino if you don’t even intend to buy any.
I quickly selected two bottles of “nice dry French wine” (that's the name of the wine not a description...what can you expect for £3.29??) and left.
After id paid at the till, I passed the man a another checkout. He actually tried to smile at me. I narrowed my eyes. Prick.

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