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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The bane of big foot...

I have big feet. I'm not ashamed. There is nothing i can do about it. Its the way it is. Ive always worried about what people will think when they find out that i am not dainty footed...its been a big concern of my life.

It was bound to happen you see. My mother and father both have larger feet. I was bound to have them too. Personally, I think it helps my balance.

My problem is that manufacturers dont seem to want to cater for the bigger footed one. They seem to want to limit the sizes of the shoes they are able to offer. Why?! Surely they would be more easily seen on the larger foot?

I understand they may be prescious about their designs...but whats an inch or two more (ahem).

The alternative I suppose is a life of being bare foot. Not ideal really. Although one lady I read about has adopted a policy of never wearing shoes. She has opted to bare her soles, literally, for the last 12 months. She hasnt suffered too many adverese effects, save for the odd deposit made by our doggy friends. (this is why i would not cope with it one bit).

The issue though is choice.She has chosen to go bare foot. i have not.This would never be a choice i would make.I'm precious about my feet. I want them covered and protected not exposed to the elements!

I want to walk into a shoe shop and be able to try on any pairs that take my fancy. I want a closet full of pretty, shiny, hardly worn shoes.

So what to do?

There are more shoes available now than when i was younger.
At least now they dont promote the use of wide slippers in a velour material with a velcro strap for anyone over a size 7. They really were not practical and certainly not fashionable for a 15 year old girl.

Ill just have to keep looking and hoping. In the meantime I'm going to be proud of my big feet. They work hard everyday. Without them I would be lost.

Oh well i suppose its just how things are. Im sure ill cope one way or another. If not i could always go back to nature....

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