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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Rudeness gets you nowhere....


That's an elongated way of saying rude! People are so rude! Especially people in cars. This does nothing to help with the control of the rage.
In fact it aggravates it greatly. To the extent where if I actually had the balls (which I ashamedly don’t) then I would swing my car rally style into a position blocking the entire road and thus creating a situation where the other driver has to stop their car. I would then get out of my car. This would be a cool stylish manouver. I would be wearing shades. I would then give the fellow driver an appropriate and well thought out dressing down and they would apologise. I would be cheered by other drivers who would have stopped to watch the scene unfold with increasing admiration. Mainly because they too knew how annoying bad drivers can be. We would all go on our way and all would be well.
As Ive said this is a fantasy. A wierd one I know. In reality the following happens;
Case 1 - im travelling in our local town in my fiesta. Its a 30mph road with a speed camera (albeit on the opposite side of the road) im travelling between an island and a set of traffic lights. Ive reached about 32mph (I accept this is speeding slightly...hmmmm) when a souped up white corsa (probably a 1.1) with blacked out windows and a spoiler passes me at about 45mph. This pisses me off for various reasons;
1.       If you are trying to impersonate a pimp, don’t drive a corsa...they are not a pimp style vehicle. It does not matter how big a spoiler you put on it or how much you black out the windows, its still just a 1.1. no pimp I know (I was going to say professionally, but that sounds worse, so well just leave it hanging) has ever driven a corsa. Its just not pimp daddy cool. Its not anything cool. Its a corsa. Teddy bears advertise the car for gods sake. Whatever speed you travel at, no one will think that you are some big gangster type. You are not. I saw you as we got to the traffic lights. You are a pimply 17 year old.
2.       There was no point in such a dangerous overtake. You almost immedicately had to slam on your brakes as the traffic lights were on red. I sat behind you. Right up close. Bumper to bumper. I hoped that you could clearly see me and my middle finger in your rear view mirror.
3.       You seriously do not need to speed in this town. You can get anywhere in the town within 5 mins. That is an absolute maximum. You don’t need to go so fast.
Case 2:  - Further up the same road at another set of traffic lights. (see why there is no advantage to razzing it??!). there is an entrance to a vets here. I left a gap so that this drive could still be accessed. A woman in a 4x4 wanted to go into the drive. She herself could not drive. Even with power assisted steering she couldn’t make the turn. There was a lot of room. I was annoyed. I reversed as did the car behind me. She made the turn.
Did she thank me? Did she heck! In fact her passenger looked down her crooked spoiled nose at me and shook her head.
It took every ounce of self restraint I had not to turn in after them and give them a good dressing down. In fact had my passenger not been my 11 week old baby then I would have done just that. Honest.
Im still seething about the latter of these incidents and its been about a week. Unnecessarily rude. Oh well im sure karma is just around the corner waiting to bite her arse. Shame her own head is so clearly lodged right up there as well....

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