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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cosmic karma?

Balancing the good and the bad...
The cosmic balance is an interesting thing.
Does Karma really exist? Is it something we invent to make ourselves feel better when things don’t go to plan? Are those that really wrong us somehow in turn wronged by the entire universe?
Perhaps. Or perhaps it’s just a 'happy' coincidence when things don’t go to plan for those we despise.  Should we delight in the misfortune of others or are we just leading the way to more bad karma for ourselves?
Perhaps the fact is that we look more closely at the lives of those that we think have crossed us. That because we suddenly put their lives under the microscope,  we notice when things go wrong for them. That the things would have still happened, even if we were all best friends but we would have just perceived that in a different, less victorious light. in fact we probably would have been saying to them that all would b evened out by karma... 
Sometimes though whatever the reason, it appears nice to see ill deeds befalling those who have previously taken such glee in our own hardships. Maybe that's why we get such a smug satisfaction. Either that or it really is just an adjustment in a big universe. A mere alteration in the fabric of destiny. Swathed and hemmed to even the score. But who is it keeping score anyway? Surely its entirely depedant on circumstance, situation and of course who's side you're on...
It depends I suppose on whether you really believe that there is a grand scheme. Sure people always talk about “the grand scheme of things” and leaving things “to fate”. Does that really happen? Are we simply beings with no control of our own destiny? And surely if that is the case, what is the point of trying to do anything differently? Is it just an excuse used by those who want to relinquish responsibility of their deeds?
What’s interesting I find is the attitude people have against others. They cant just live and let live as it were. They have to try and make life as miserable as possible for others. It is those people who I think come a cropper. It is those who have the most miserable existence.
Lets face it, if you feel that in order to make yourself happy, someone else must suffer, that's  never going to make for a fairytale ending. Look at Disney. Learn from the wicked witch. Its never good for the enemy. The instigator of misery.  Are we not then making our own bad karma? Our own misery?
I believe that we should all just live our own lives, having regard for those around us and with a smile on our faces. If you can’t make yourself happy then who else has even a slight chance of doing so. if you focus on the negative then surely it will always be inevitable outcome?
If you wallow in the sadness of others. If you bask in their downfall. If you wish for them to come a cropper. Surely that's to your own detriment. You’re mainly going to make yourself unhappy.
I have no answers.
So karma may exist. The universe may need to balance. But why be the person that throws it off kilter in the first place....

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